Annual General Meeting 2018

Notice of attendance

Shareholders who wish to attend the general meeting either in person or by proxy must return the attendance form (Appendix 2 in the notice of Annual General Meeting) to the Company in time to be received by the Company no later than 04 May 2018. In accordance with section 7 of the articles of association, shareholders who do not notify their deadline within this deadline may be denied access to the general meeting.

Notice of attendance may be given electronically via VPS Investor Services or with this link.

Registration may also be sent by post to DNB Bank ASA, Verdipapirservice, postboks 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo.

Electronic voting

All company’s shareholders may vote electronically in advance. This may be done via this link (PIN-code and reference number from the notice of attendance is required), or VPS Investor Services either through your net bank or the home page of the bank/broker in which you have registered your VPS account.

Shareholders who wish to vote electronically may do so no later than 04 May 2018 at 14:00.

Please find attached the following documents:


Kjersti Hobøl, CEO Kid, +47 918 35 965

Petter Schouw-Hansen, CFO Kid, +47 482 24 534